Syclone / Typhoon Plug n Play ECU : Stage 2 (1991-1993)

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Stage 2 Kit:

Our Plug n Play ecu is designed specifically for the GMC Syclone and Typhoon.   It features factory harness connectors and a base tune so you can install the unit and start the vehicle within a matter of a few minutes.  The box is the same size as the factory ecu box and installs in the same factory bracket location on the passenger side of the vehicle under the dash.

Inside the box is an MS3 Pro circuit board with integrated solid state data logging, which makes it easy to download the Tuner Studio Pro software and tune the system for whatever your HP goals may be.  The ecu box features an RS-232 serial cable making it easy to download the datalogging information or run a live monitor.  There are also wireless monitor hardware options that can be added.

The Stage 2 ecu is designed to interface with an aftermarket crank sensor, cam sensor, and coil pack, which eliminates the need for a distributor.  With the purchase of this kit, we provide the wire harnesses and a list of sensor parts to be purchased which include:

  • coil pack
  • crank sensor
  • cam sensor

Tuner Studio Download Link

MS3 Pro Tech Spec