Read all Precautions and Disclaimers provided by MOTOCAM before installing your MOTOCAM Helmet Camera (see inside of packaging).

Confirm all components are included in the MOTOCAM Helmet Camera package (See inside of packaging).

Step 1 - Power

Hook the Red cable up to either the headlight or taillight wire, so the unit is powered whenever the bike is powered. In the Red cable is a red wire and a black wire. The red wire is positive, the black wire is negative.

Step 2 - Recorder

Hook the Record cable into your recording device. Power the bike up and verify that you are getting power to the DP box by verifying there is a blue screen with speed and throttle “0” outputs on the recording device display.

Step 3 – Throttle Input

Hook the Orange cable up to the throttle position sensor (TPS), located on the side of the throttle body. Refer to the bike’s manual for the specific wire color for the throttle sensor wire. Check out for frequently updated charts as an alternate source.

Locate the pink wire with the black stripe on the bike’s tps. Use a wire tap and tap the BLACK wire from the Orange cable into the bike’s pink/black TPS wire. Trim off the other two wires on the Orange cable because they are not needed. Alternately, one can also tap into the TPS wire at the ECU. Refer to the bike’s operator manual for instructions.

Step 4 – Speed Sensor

The speed sensor is the threaded barrel device on the end of the Purple wire. Find a suitable location on the swing arm where the sensor base can be mounted. Clean the surface with alcohol before applying the self-adhesive sensor base. Epoxy the magnet to the brake carrier or a sprocket bolt. It is important to note that the sensor ONLY works on the south pole of the magnet, so it’s important to epoxy the magnet with the marked side facing you. Be sure to space the sensor gap width from the magnet no more than .25 inches. Test the installation by rolling the wheel back and forth and verifying a change on the MPH indicator within the viewing screen.

Step 5 – Brake Sensor

The brake wire is the Yellow cable. There are 2 different configurations possible:

Bike Without Brake Lights:

Run the cable up to the front brake master cylinder and connect the black and red wires to the brake switch on the master cylinder.

Bike With Brake Lights:

Hook the red wire (ONLY) from the Yellow cable into either one of the wires coming off the brake light switch. Enter the setup menu of the DP box and change the “Brake Input” selection from “Open” to “Hot”.

Step 6 – Throttle Calibration

To calibrate the TPS, the box must be in calibration mode. Enter calibration mode by holding down both buttons on the DP box while powering up the system. This should bring up a menu of options. Use the left button to scroll through the options and the right button to select the one you want. Select the “Calibrate TPS” option and follow the directions. Verify that the TPS is properly calibrated by powering the bike and the DP box up and turning the throttle. It should go from 0-100 percent.

Step 7 – Camera Install

Install the MotoCam lipstick camera. Choose a suitable location to mount the unit. Run the Black wire to the camera and line up the white arrows as you “click” the connectors together.