2.0L / 2.6L (SOHC) Starion / Conquest Stand Alone ecu: plug-n-play

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All parts are sold for OFF ROAD RACE-ONLY ground-vehicle use only. Aftermarket EFI/EMS systems are not for use on pollution controlled vehicles. Alteration of emission related components constitutes tampering under the US EPA guidelines and can lead to substantial fines and penalties. Your state/district may also have specific rules restricting your tampering with your vehicle's emissions system. In short, as stated before, our official policy has to be RACE or OFFROAD USE-ONLY in ground based vehicles ONLY

This completely Stand Alone ecu will take your SQ with a 2.0L or 2.6L (SOHC) to new levels.  Simply remove the factory ecu completely, install this ecu and accompanying wire harness and dial in your factory TBI system or convert to an MPI system.  Each system comes with a base tune pre-loaded to help you get up and running quickly.

This ecu is compatible with your factory gauges, so no need to change anything - keep the factory look (the factory boost gauge should be updated to something accurate though)

No more overly rich or lean conditions to worry about.  This package has a data logging feature so you can capture your runs and review them for needed changes.  

All Tuning is done thru Tuner Studio Ultra software:


See the install results video here:




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